Automatic Tilting Container Type 4A

25.09.2017 New products

The first roll forward Tilting Container with 4 automatic features! THREE automatic release points PLUS an automatic locking feature for the forks

Mobile Sump Tray with Perforated Panel Type LPW

29.05.2017 New products

Dispense oils etc. from 60 or 200 litre drums, wherever necessary - mobile, safe, simple

Containers for Tugger Train Systems

17.06.2016 New products

Traverses for Big Bags

17.06.2016 New products

More information in our product sheet.

Large Salvage Packaging Type SAG

15.05.2015 New products

The ADR 2015 makes special provisions for transport packaging used to carry dangerous goods when the original packaging has leaked, is damaged or...

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