Automatic Tilting Container Type 4A

The first roll forward Tilting Container with 4 automatic features! THREE automatic release points PLUS an automatic locking feature for the forks

  • 3 automatic release points mean the content can be emptied at 3 different positions over the container
  • Automatic locking feature to prevent the container from slipping forward
  • Safety feature to prevent unintentional emptying
  • Ideally situated loading centre of gravity
  • Body with all-round reinforced edging
  • Sturdy frame with fork sleeves


  • Galvanized lid, can be opened from both sides
  • Welding, oil and watertight

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4A 600
4A 1200
4A 600 with lid
Drive the forks in
Automatic locking feature
3 automatic release points
Emptied by activating release point 1
Emptied by activating release point 2
Emptied by activating release point 3