Mobile Sump Tray with Perforated Panel Type LPW

Dispense oils etc. from 60 or 200 litre drums, wherever necessary - mobile, safe, simple

  • 3 mm steel sheet sump tray
  • Galvanized grid (load capacity 1000 kg/m²)
  • Sturdy rear panel, perforated, galvanized steel sheet with 10 x 10 mm square holes, straight row pattern, 38 mm spacing allows tool holders to be positioned as required
  • Hot-dip galvanized handles

More information in our product sheet.

LPW 200-1 with tool deposit and drip tray
LPW 60-1
LPW 60-2
LPW 60-3
LPW 200-2
LPW 200-3